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Finding a Great Indian Restaurant

Indian food would include various kinds of cuisines from Indian with its neighboring places. They make use of various fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in order to cook unique and delightful dishes. A lot of famous Indian restaurants these days are first-generation establishments or family-owned. If you are new to Indian cuisine, it is vital to know what type of food to order. To learn more about Indian Dining, click Got Table. Here are a couple of reminders on what you should buy when you are in an Indian restaurant.

Know what to eat - the Indian food has a wide range of sauces, spices, marinated vegetables and meat. It is influenced by a lot of countries such as England, Portugal, Persia and China. The Indian religion, Buddhism, also affect their food choices so a lot of them would prefer eating vegetables and fruits instead of meat.

Appetizers - a lot of Indian appetizers are composed of deep-friend pastries that have raw vegetable salads and cream soups. They usually serve this with sauces such as yogurt or chutney in order to give balance to the spicy flavor. The most popular appetizer is samosa which is a deep fried pastry that is mixed with spices, meat and vegetables inside the dough. Another famous pastry is the pakora which is the same with samosa. The only disparity is that people will fry it without placing the ingredients in the dough.

Drinks - the Indian drinks are sweet in order to complement their spicy foods. A lot of people would order lassi which is a sweet yogurt-based shake. To learn more about Indian Dining, visit Got Table. Panakam a sweet drink with ginger, sugar, lime juice and water is also a favorite among the food lovers. And if you want to taste their alcoholic drinks, then you can have IPA or Indian pale ales.

Main dishes - there are Indian restaurants that provide an all vegetarian meal for people who don't eat meat. And there are instances where the cook would convert the meat dishes into a vegetable alternative so as to suit the taste of the customer. The best main dish that you should order is curry which is made of vegetables or meat soaked in a coconut-based marinade or yogurt.

Desserts - the Indians certainly love sugar as well as milk-based desserts that have fresh fruits. A lot of restaurants will sweeten their ice cream and pudding with fruits like bananas, mangoes and pomegranates. One famous pudding is kheer which is a rice pudding that has cinnamon, cardamom and raisins.Learn more from

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